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vSpin / Spiegelau Active Wine Decanter - Hand Assembled 100% Lead-free German Crystal - Electric Wine Aerator set - Original Patented Decanting Carafe - Elegant Wine Gift Luxury Wine accessories

The vSpin with the controls at the base

I have to admit that decanting is a tricky business. It requires forethought, planning and patience. Unless you are removing sediment from an older bottle decanting is usually best for tannic and younger wines.

Decanting introduces oxygen which enhances a wines aromas and flavours and softens harsh tannins. But you can wait for half and hour to three hours upwards depending on the variety and age of the wine.

If time permits I decanter all wines to let them express themselves. As you know from previous posts I am a sucker for wine gadgets.
Now check this out.

This is the gadget every man – and woman must have!

I came across the vSpin which is a speedy solution to decanting your bottle. It is a German crystal wine decantor that sits on a base that swirls your wine in a controlled and continuous manner. You set the speed and time. There are 3 speeds and up to 15 minutes in time. The system does the rest.

Inside the glass, a removable magnetic stirrer creates a gentle vortex exposing the wine to more air and accelerating oxygenation. The battery USB chargeable base has a sensor that recognises when the decanter is placed on top, so you can stop and start the progress as you wish. You can taste how the decanting is going, for example, without affecting the settings. A bit like a stop watch.

A two hour decant is performed in five minutes and an eight hour decant in 15 minutes. For instance an old mature Shiraz will take 1.45 mins and a young Shiraz 2.30 mins. An old Cabernet 2.30 mins and a youngster 3 mins. Old Burgundy’s from 1.30 mins and young Pinots 2 mins. Cost around A$300.

Not bad eh?

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